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Electric barbecue grills are SAFE AND LEGAL FOR BALCONY USE in all 50 states (Letter from Florida Fire Marshal). The very best ones — the brands installed by Balcony Bar-B-Que — impart true outdoor-grilled flavor to your foods by searing in juices and marinades. These electric grills also comply with building rules by producing no flame and are virtually smokeless. (Legal Opinion)


Whatever the size of your veranda, Balcony Bar-B-Que can custom-build an outdoor kitchen to your specifications.  There is no balcony too small for a grill nor so large that we cannot meet your needs. 


We have launched this expert service to replace the hassles of outdoor grilling with ease and convenience. With a private grilling station on your balcony, you’ll no longer have to cart raw foods down to a community grill, only to find it occupied or not working. Just settle in and enjoy the company you’ve invited while preparing a feast fit for all. 


Contact us today and let us show you how we can bring the thrill of the grill to your balcony!

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