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Image by Emiel Molenaar

"In wine there is wisdom.

In beer there is freedom.

In water there is bacteria."

- W.C. Fields 

Hot days and fresh-grilled food call for cool, refreshing drinks. How to keep them chilled is the question. You’re just a few steps from your indoor kitchen—or we can install a mini-fridge, slide-out ice chest, or top-load icebox in your balcony grilling unit. Let’s look at the options.


CDIC-with-Bottles drop in cooler.jpg

Coyote makes two styles: A pullout, and a countertop flush mount. Both are made from 304 stainless with drain holes and are fully insulated. Both have beveled corners. The pullout has more capacity. The countertop has ease of access.

CPOC_open pullout ice.jpg
CPOC pull out ice.png
BuiltInFreestanding-380x300 danby.jpg

We suggest that you look at Danby first. Danby makes a 4.4 cu ft mini-fridge, as well as various beverage centers and wine coolers. We find these products to be medium-priced and very durable.  But, as always you are free to choose other manufacturers.* Then trust Balcony Bar-B-Que to install your cooling system expertly! 

(*Balcony Bar-B-Que assumes no liability for content or accuracy of any web site other than our own.)


There are many styles of small fridges and huge differences in quality. Prices range from just over $100 to well over $1,500. Do you want the fridge mainly for wine or beer, in bottles or cans? Soda too? Consider what you want most and discuss your needs with our agent. We will be happy to guide you and advise about pros and cons of each choice. 

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