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Enjoy a safe and flavorful grilling experience outdoors any time friends drop by. 


Electric grills are legal to use on your balcony or even inside your home. Since there is no flame, propane, or charcoal, and we install grills that are virtually smoke-free, regular barbecue restrictions do not apply. The grilling surface goes into the dishwasher afterward to make cleanup quick and easy. 

Assuming that you have an electrical outlet on the balcony, you won't even need a permit. Just plug in and within six minutes or so, you are ready to grill. (A 20-amp service line will easily power the grill and a mini-fridge if you wish). 


​We offer only electric grills from the top two manufacturers, Kenyon and Coyote. Kenyon grills tend to be more feature-rich and higher priced. They deliver precise heat levels across the full cooking surface, up to searing temperatures of 600 degrees. The cooking surface has a medical-grade non-stick coating, which assures that even fish and sugared pineapple won't stick. Kenyon grills are often installed on multi-million dollar yachts that cruise the world, so you know they can endure the salt air and weather extremes found in Florida. ​


​Kenyon models range from the simplest, the City Grill, up to the top-end Texan with dual temperature IntelliKEN™ controls housed inside a ceramic touch panel.  (The controls can be locked from curious fingers.) Kenyon also has ALEXA SKILL to help you with grill use advice, and even recipes: Just say "Alexa, open Kenyon Kitchen." View Kenyon's choices here.

The Coyote electric grill provides good results and safe, reliable service at a moderate price. Features include 156 square inches of cooking area and a 1,300-watt heating element rated for 5,000 hours, reaching a maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Grilling juicy burgers and steaks is easy with the ceramic flavorizer briquettes, which give better heat distribution than standard flame tamers.

Teflon-coated cooking surface helps reduce sticking food and makes cleanup quick. For added safety, the Coyote grill is surge protected and has a 60-minute timer with automatic shutoff, ensuring it can't be left on by accident. View the Coyote grill here


Kenyon and Coyote grills are made with durable 304 stainless steel. Both companies offer flat-plate griddles, for breakfast-style cooking as well as conventional grilling. ​

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